Traveling with children is becoming more and more easy, since hotels, travel agencies and airlines have discovered this market. Young couples take also advantage of lower rates for kids and massive discounts. Even countries like Cambodia are on the map now for family friendly traveling.

One of the issues families have is to find the right hotels. When you have smaller kids, you want to stay together with them in one room. That can be a challenge if you look at the usual bookings sites, since Family is still not a priority for them. A Cambodian Start-Up, is changing this now. They are specialized on family friendly hotels in the Kingdom of Wonders as Cambodia is all known. Those hotels either offer rooms for more that three occupants or connecting rooms as well as suites for families.

Cambodian family at family-friendly hotel in Siem Reap
Cambodian family at family-friendly hotel in Siem Reap

Family friendly activities in Cambodia

Traveling with children is also more easy now in Cambodia. If you visit Siem Reap, the kids will have lots of fun exploring the town and the temples from a tradition Tuk-Tuk. If they are old enough, they can go on a bike tour through rice fields and the Angkor Forest.

Cambodian family at a temple in Siem Reap
Cambodian family at a temple in Siem Reap

In Battambang, Cambodia’s second biggest city, a must see is the Bamboo Train. It’s a make up transport on the Rail’s of the long time abandon railway line. It was used for locals to transport goods easier and still, when there is a lorry coming with watermelons, your bamboo train has to be put off the rails and the melons will pass by. And of course you can find accommodation for families in Battambang.

Food at family friendly hotels in Cambodia

When you stay in one of the child friendly hotels in Cambodia, enjoy the mix of western and local food from the menu. Khmer food is not as spicy as it is in Thailand or Laos, and most children like dishes like Beef Loc Lac or Chicken Amok. But many hotels and restaurants in Cambodia targeting families have also Spaghetti, Pizza and French Fries on their menus.

The small town of Kep is also a place they should be in your itinerary. It’s located at the sea, with a small beach, but a local atmosphere. Kids can play at the family friendly hotel Samanea Beach Ressort, and oasis and not yet discovered by mass tourism.

Cambodian people are very interested in interacting with western children, and they love kids. So don’t be surprised when you can be approached by over excited locals, who just want to greet your children. That’s the way it is here – and that’s why travel with children in Cambodia is as easy as booking a family friendly hotel in Cambodia.

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